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Ibnu Adam

FR259 SANDALWOOD - Perfume Body Oil - Alcohol Free

FR259 SANDALWOOD - Perfume Body Oil - Alcohol Free

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Sandalwood is a woody, aromatic fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features sandalwood, vanilla and coconut. 

Main accords: vanilla, woody, coconut, powdery, balsamic, sweet

Our roll-on perfume oils are inspired by traditional and commonly known fragrances.   The key difference between concentrated perfume oils and department store perfumes and colognes is that body oils contain no alcohol.      

Alcohol makes the oil smell strong for a short period of time but it does not last.    With pure oils, there is no alcohol so the scents last much longer and have a more consistent smell. 

Please note that the colour of the perfume oil might differ slightly from what is seen in the picture.
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